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Western Tribe 西部落

WWII BuAero Drybak WL-1 Flight Trousers Size 31W x 30L

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二戰時期 BuAero Drybak WL-1飛行長褲   尺碼31W x 30L

This is a pair of BuAero WL-1 flight trousers made by the Drybak Corporation. Both the poplin shell and the wool liner are in very good condition. The exterior has an extremely smooth and soft hand that is quite comfortable. There are also two hand stencils, “ARB,” above the left rear pocket and inside the back waistband. There are only a few very light stains and no existing holes, although there is a mend on the right rear of the pant as shown in the photos. The pants are missing a button on one of the rear pockets, which is an easy mend, and one of the belt loops on the left front is also missing. Otherwise, these pants are in wonderful shape and can be worn for years to come. There is a handwritten size, 32x32, on the inside waistband. The pants currently measure 31 x 30. I am 5’8” tall, 165 lbs, with a 32” waist and 28” inseam. These pants are a little tight in the waist, and they are an inch or two too long. Please see photos and measurements for more details.

Measurements 測量結果 (flat lay 平鋪):

Waist 腰圍: 15.5" (39.5 cm)

Inseam 內縫:30" (76 cm)

Rise 襠到腰部:12" (30.5 cm)

Outseam 褲長: 42" (107 cm)

Leg opening 褲腿圍:9" (22.5 cm)

這是一條由Drybak公司製造的 BuAero WL-1 飛行長褲。外層採用的是絲滑的府綢,觸手輕薄柔順,內襯的羊絨柔軟舒適。在左後口袋上方和後腰帶內側還有兩個手印模製圖案"ARB"。整件褲子保存的相當不錯,如圖所示沒有任何孔洞,只有一些非常輕微的污漬。褲子的右後方有一處修補後的痕跡,左前方有一個腰袢不見了,還有褲子的一個後口袋上缺少一個紐扣,不過紐扣非常好修補。除此之外,這條褲子沒有什麼可挑剔的,還可以穿好幾年。在這條褲子腰帶內側有一個手寫的尺寸:32x32。但根據我的測量應該是符合現在美碼的31x30。本人身173cm,體重75kg,腰圍84cm,內褲71cm,這條褲子對我來說腰部有點緊,且有3~5cm偏長。更多細節請參考照片和測量尺寸。