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Western Tribe 西部落

Levi's Pre-WWII 506xx Type 1 Denim Jacket Size XS/S

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Levi’s 二戰前 506xx 扣背牛仔夾克   XS/S碼

This is an original Levi's 506xx trucker jacket in excellent condition. Judging from the details, it dates to the pre-WWII period—somewhere between 1937 and 1942. Considering its age, this jacket is in remarkable shape. It is a medium blue color with excellent fades on the seams and whiskering on the arms. It has no holes, and there are no loose seams. There appear to be no repairs. Stitching is lemon yellow color. There is a single chest pocket with rivets. The back of all the rivets read "L.S. & CO.-S.F." The chest pocket has stitching in two different colors: lemon yellow stitching on the outer perimeter with copper stitching on the inner perimeter. The buckle back cinch is silver with what appears to be two copper teeth. Buttons are domed iron, and there is no stamp on the back of the buttons. There are only two major flaws with this jacket. First, one set of stitching on a knife pleat has totally worn off on the front of the jacket and another set has come loose. Second, there are four small bleach stains—one on the left arm near the cuff and three on the back. In addition to these major flaws, there are also two minor thread pulls. One is on the right front shoulder; the second runs the width of the back of the jacket. All these flaws are visible in the photos. Overall, however, this is a fantastic example of one of Levi's most collectable garments. 

These jackets were meant for horseback riding, so they are cut roomy but short. I am 5'9" tall, 165 lbs, with a 39" chest. The jacket fits me a little tight in the shoulders and chest, but it is too short in length for my taste. I would say it fits like a U.S. men's size small in the chest and arms, but a size XS in length. I would recommend the jacket for somebody with a 36" chest or smaller, who is of shorter height, or simply wants a shorter style. Please consult photos and measurements for more details.

US$8000, or best offer.

If you are interested in purchasing this piece, please DM me on Instagram.

Measurements 尺寸 (flat lay 平鋪):

Shoulder width 肩宽 : 16.5" (42 cm)

Pit to pit 胸寬: 18.75 (47.5 cm)

Length 衣長: 23" (58.5 cm)

Shoulder to cuff 袖長: 22.25" (56.5 cm)

這是一件原版 Levi's 506xx trucker 夾克,保存狀態極佳。從細節上看,它可以追溯到二戰前夕--大約在1937年至1942年之間。考慮到它的高齡,這件夾克保管地好的驚人。它是中藍色,接縫處有很好的褪色,手臂上有貓須。它沒有任何破洞,看上去也沒有修補的痕跡。它的縫合處為檸檬黃色,接縫也都很牢固。正面有一個帶鉚釘的胸袋,鉚釘的背面都寫著 "L.S. & CO.-S.F。” 胸前的口袋有兩種不同顏色的縫合線:檸檬黃的縫合線在外圈,銅色的縫合線在內圈。衣服背部的扣子是銀色的,和兩個銅色的扣針。紐扣是圓頂狀鐵制的,紐扣的背面沒有戳記。這件夾克有兩個比較大的缺陷:首先是外套前面的刀褶上的一組縫線已經完全磨損,另一組縫線已經鬆動;第二,整個衣服一共有四個小的漂白劑污點,一個在左臂靠近袖口處,三個在背面。除了這些較大的缺陷外,還有兩個小的線頭拉絲:一個是在右前肩;第二個橫貫穿整個背面。所有這些缺陷在照片中都可以看到。然而總的來說,這是Levi’s最值得收藏的服裝之一。

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