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Al Miller 40s/50s USN Merchant Marine Cone Mills Denim Utility Jacket Size XS

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Al Miller 40/50年代美國海軍商船隊 Cone Mills 牛仔布多功能夾克   XS碼

This is a very rare example of early Cone Mills denim worn by sailors just after WWII. Al Miller was a tailor in San Pedro, California, who specialized in producing garments for the U.S. Navy and Merchant Marines. This particular piece is in excellent condition. The Cone Mills denim is worn and soft to the touch, yet still strong. The jacket has retained its dark color, while showing nice fades in high-wear areas like the elbows, pockets, and cuffs. It features double pleats on the back, and the Talon zipper works flawlessly. There are several very small stains—one on the back and two on the elbow. They are all nearly invisible while wearing. The tag is marked size 36; fits like a U.S. men's size XS.  Please consult photos and measurements for more details.

Measurements 尺寸 (flat lay 平鋪):

Shoulder width 肩宽 : 17" (43 cm)

Pit to pit 胸寬: 20" (51 cm)

Length 衣長: 23.5" (60 cm)

Shoulder to cuff 袖長: 23" (58.5cm)

 這是一件二戰剛結束時期的水手服,由非常罕見的早期 Cone Mills 牛仔布製成。阿爾-米勒(Al Miller) 是加州聖佩德羅 (San Pedro, California) 的一名裁縫,他專門為美國海軍和商船隊製作服裝。這件牛仔服的保存狀況非常好。Cone Mills牛仔布已經穿舊,觸感柔軟,但仍然很結實。外套保留了它整體的深色,但在高磨損部位,如肘部、口袋和袖口處展現出非常漂亮的褪色。它的背部有雙褶的設計,Talon拉鍊使用起來非常順滑。它只有幾個非常小的污點,一個在背部,兩個在肘部,穿著時幾乎看不到。標籤上標著36號,適合美碼男士XS號。  更多細節請參考照片和尺寸。