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Western Tribe 西部落

1960s Sir Jac Racer Jacket Size S

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1960年代Sir Jac 賽車手夾克(Racer Jacket)S碼

This is a nice little racer jacket that’s cool enough to kick around in, but not so precious that you're afraid to wear it. The jacket is in excellent condition. It has a stand up collar and several rare patches, including Fiat, Datsun (!), and Austin Healey. It features a Talon zipper, which works flawlessly, and all buttons are present and functional. There is a tear on the right pocket that has been mended, and there is a very faint stain on the upper left shoulder. There is also some very faint discoloration on the back, which isn't really noticeable, but it's there. Both may come out with a cleaning. Overall, this is a nice lightweight jacket to spice up your wardrobe. The jacket fits like a U.S. men’s size small. I am 5’8” tall, 165 lbs, with a 39” chest, and the jacket fits me perfectly.

這是一件時髦又可愛的賽車手夾克,它不會太嬌貴,所以你可以放心大膽的穿著到處炫酷。這件夾克的保存狀況非常好。它獨特在立領的設計,還有幾個罕見的徽標:Fiat、Datsun 和 Austin Healey。它配有有一個使用順滑的Talon拉鍊,所有紐扣俱在並可放心使用。右邊的口袋有一點撕裂的痕跡,不過已經被修補好了。左肩上部有一個非常模糊的污點。背面也有一些非常微弱的變色,不是很明顯。這兩處可能都可以洗掉。總的來說,這是一件不錯的輕量級夾克,可以為你的衣櫥錦上添花。這款夾克適合美碼男士小號。本人身173cm,體重75kg,胸圍100cm,穿上這件夾克正合適。

Measurements 尺寸 (flat lay 平鋪):

Shoulder width 肩宽 : 19" (48 cm)

Pit to pit 胸寬: 23" (58 cm)

Length 衣長: 26" (66 cm)

Shoulder to cuff 袖長: 22.5" (57 cm)