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Western Tribe 西部落

1950s H Bar C Embroidered Western Shirt Size M/L

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50年代H Bar C刺繡西部襯衫  M/L碼

This is a cotton-rayon gabardine embroidered western shirt from H Bar C in a popular style. It is in good condition. The fabric is soft and strong, and the embroidery is still in good condition. It has smile pockets in the front and pearl snaps throughout. There has been some fraying of threads on the inside of the shirt, which is shown in the photos, but the seams are not loose. There is one place on the seam on the left side that is coming loose. There are also several light stains on the shirt: One on the upper right arm, one just to the left of the right smile pocket, one rust stain near the button of the right front, and one small rust stain on the back. They are nearly invisible while wearing the shirt. The shirt fits like a U.S. men’s size M/L. I am 5’8” tall, 165 lbs, with a 39” chest, and I am able to wear the shirt, although the fit is definitely loose. Please consult photos and measurements for more details.

Measurements 尺寸 (flat lay 平鋪):

Shoulder width 肩宽 : 20" (51 cm)

Pit to pit 胸寬: 22" (56 cm)

Length 衣長: 30.5" (77.5 cm)

Shoulder to cuff 袖長: 23.5" (59.5 cm)

這是一件來自H Bar C的款式時髦的人造棉織華達呢刺繡西部襯衫。它保存狀況良好。面料柔軟而結實,刺繡美感依舊。它有漂亮的微笑口袋和珍珠扣的設計。從圖中可以看到,襯衫內側有一些線頭磨損,但整體接縫處依舊牢固。左邊的接縫處有一處鬆動的跡象。襯衫上還有幾處輕度污漬:一個在右上臂,一個在右側微笑口袋的左邊,一個在右前襟紐扣附近的鏽漬,還有一個小鏽漬在背面。不過這些小瑕疵在穿著時幾乎注意不到。襯衫適合美國男士的M/L尺寸。我身高173cm,體重75kg,胸圍100cm,本人穿著時比較寬松。更多細節請參考照片和尺寸。