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Western Tribe 西部落

1930s Laskinlamb Grizzly Jacket Size S

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1930年代的 Laskinlamb 棕熊夾克   S碼

This is an original 1930s horsehide "grizzly jacket" in phenomenal condition. The leather is soft, supple, and strong. All the leather seams are intact. It has a great patina, especially on the arms. It also includes features such as a chin strap, belted cuffs and waist, grommet-reinforced stress points, Talon zipper, etc. It has a very rare chest pocket. Its mouton wool is in excellent shape with only one very small worn patch on the left collar near the throat. The torso lining is made of a beautiful Merlot-colored wool, and I can't find a single hole. Obviously, there are a few small scrapes and scuffs, but nothing that I would characterize as more than 90 years of gentle use. There are only two minor flaws with this jacket. First, the lining of the sleeves is made of a soft cotton flannel—very comfy!—but there are small holes in each armpit and on one cuff. These can easily be mended, but I have not done so. Second, the cuff belts have two small issues: One has a 1 cm area where the surface of the leather has worn off, the other has a small tear in the belt. It is still 80% intact, but it needs to be treated with care. These flaws are shown in the photos.

In the photo gallery, you can see a picture of my great grandfather wearing one of these jackets in Wyoming in the mid-1930s. (But his is in much worse shape, lol!) They were very popular with motorcyclists and athletes—and apparently ranchers. There are very few of these jackets left in circulation, and I have never seen one in better condition, although they might be out there. If you have been trying to get your hands on one of these treasures, speak now or forever hold your peace!

I am 5'8" tall, 165 lbs, with a 39 inch chest, and the jacket fits me perfectly. If you are much bigger than I am, you will have problems zipping the jacket up. Please consult the photos and measurements for more details.

US$4000, or best offer.

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Measurements 尺寸 (flat lay 平鋪): 

Shoulder width 肩宽 : 17.25" (44 cm) 

Pit to pit 胸寬: 19" (48 cm)

Length 衣長: 28.5" (72 cm)

Shoulder to cuff 袖長: 24" (61 cm)

這是一件保存非常好的1930年代馬皮 "棕熊"夾克。皮革柔軟、結實而有彈性。所有的皮革接縫都完好無損。它呈現出迷人的綠鏽光澤,特別是在手臂上。它有一些特點的小設計,如下顎帶、袖帶、加固後的扣眼、Talon拉鍊等等。它的單胸袋設計也很少見。皮草狀態非常好,只有左領靠近喉嚨處有一個非常小的磨損補丁。軀乾的襯里是由美麗的梅洛色羊毛製成的,至今完好無損。當然總體上這件衣服有一些小的刮痕和擦傷,但以它九十多歲的「高齡」能保存得如此好,可見它曾經的主人在穿它時有多麼愛惜。這件夾克只有兩個小缺陷:首先,袖子的內襯是由柔軟舒適的棉質法蘭絨製成的,但是在每個腋下和其中一個袖口上都有洞。這些很容易修補,但我還沒來得及去做;第二,袖帶有兩個小問題,一個是皮革表面有1釐米的大小的磨損,另一個是皮帶上有一個小裂縫。總體還是八成完整的,需要小心保管。以上所說的所有瑕疵都請參考圖片。